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Our Initiatives

Map of International Reverse Tashlich teams

Jewish communities around the world clean up their local environments as a new High Holidays Tradition. 245 locations registered for the 5th Annual Reverse Tashlich in 2022.

Campus Program Director teaching Jewish Teens about the importance of water in the Jewish religion before doing a beach cleanup

We share the Jewish connection to the sea in person or online. We also certify scuba divers and ocean stewards. All programs are tailored to your community. 

Compostable Sustainable Cutlery for the Interfaith Environmental Partnership

In partnership with VerTerra, we offer steep discounts on plates and cutlery made of palm leaves and scrap wood, that can break down in your backyard.

Scubi Jews from University of Miami and University of Central Florida scubadiving

In partnership with Hillels on college campuses, we offer scuba instruction, alternative breaks, Bal TashCleans, and Tikkun HaYam programs tailored to students.

A Mezuzah 3D printed out of 100% recycled waterbottles

Our mezuzot are made in house out of recycled water bottles. Additionally, we sell bamboo cutlery, reusable water bottles,

re-Jews-able bags, and more.

Tikkun HaYam community leader runs a local marine conservation program

Feel like planting coral in the Florida Keys? Would you like to learn how to clean up trash underwater?  Have a dream of your own? Let's make it a reality.

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