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Reverse Tashlich Waterfront Beach River Jewish Cleanup During the High Holidays

Official 2022 Reverse Tashlich Map

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In 12 Countries

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Hillel on the High Seas

Hillel News

January 13, 2017

Scubi Jews Dives for Jewish Values

New Jersey Jewish News

January 22, 2018

Scubi Jews, Disabled Divers, Both Find Joy Under Water

Jewish Press of Tampa

January 13, 2017

We are reversing the tradition of


And cleansing human 'sins'*

In a collaborative environmental cleanup.



*trash and debris

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What is Reverse Tashlich?

On Rosh HaShanah, Jews around the world participate in the ancient ritual of Tashlich. We go to a body of water and symbolically cast off the sins of the past year into the water to start the New Year with purity of heart. However, this is not the only time humans cast their “sins” into the sea. Every year, approximately six million tons of human-made trash enter the water, posing health and safety hazards to the animals that call the sea their home. Marine debris is a blatant violation of the fundamental Jewish ethical principle Bal Tashchit. Repair the Sea adds a modern ritual to the Jewish tradition: a local clean-up on the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Also known as Reverse Tashlich.

Want to Host A Cleanup?

We invite everyone to gather a group, choose a location, and join the movement. We send Community Leaders a free Reverse Tashlich Guide that explains how to host a meaningful event, run virtual coordinator meetings, list you as an official Reverse Tashlich community, provide customizable marketing materials, send pre-event educational emails, and host educational seminars. Additionally, experienced coordinators are available to answer any questions and assist every step of the way.

Use the form below to sign up your Hillel, Synagogue, Congregation, Federation, JCC, Youth Group, School, Friends, or Family as an official Reverse Tashlich 2022 team. Clean a beach, and river, a lake, a stream, a park, and join Reverse Tashlich.

Individual Registation

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