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Welcome to the Blue/Green Initiative​!

We have partnered with VerTerra in an effort to lower the Jewish community's environmental impact. The initiative offers a beautiful line of fully compostable single-use products from VerTerra at a highly discounted price. We are grateful for the generosity of Verterra, and for your participation in repairing the sea.

How To Order

DO NOT PAY US. You will pay VerTerra directly. The price pre discount reflects what you will pay VerTerra.

Do not complete your order if it asks you for anything other than $0.

If you are being asked to pay money, add the Discount Code Blue/Green at Checkout. 

Place your order below.  Your order form will be sent to VerTerra.

VerTerra will send you an email with a credit card input form. Once the form is completed your order will

be shipped.

Suncoast Hillels is subsidizing the purchases of Hillel organizations. Email rabbied@suncoasthillels.org for more information.

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Use Discount Code "Blue/Green" at checkout.
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Look for VerTerra's email. Fill out VerTerra's credit card input form.

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Wait for your fully compostable products to be delivered to you!

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What makes VerTerra products different?

VerTerra products are biodegradable. While many other products are advertised as compostable, these products are usually made from vegetable-derived materials. Those products will not break down in a backyard compost and require composting facilities, which are not available in every city. VerTerra's product line is biodegradable and certified compostable. Because their products are made of only leaves or wood and water, without bonding agents, lacquers, or chemicals, VerTerra products can break down in a backyard composter and return naturally to the environment.

Why choose compostable?

Plastic is one of the most common forms of debris found in the ocean. It negatively impacts marine animals and ecosystems. Additionally, research has shown that humans eat about a credit card's worth of plastic every week. Choosing non-plastic products is good for you and good for the environment. Learn more about the Jewish values tied to decreasing plastic use by visiting the Bal Tashchit page of our Water Torah education section.