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Our Mission​

To share the spiritual wonders of water and the Sea from a Jewish perspective, promote interfaith harmony and cooperation, and raise awareness and encourage action to address the many threats facing the aquatic environment.

Scuba Diver in Reef

Our Vision

We envision a Jewish community that is committed to the protection and preservation of the Marine Environment.

We envision a world in which the spirituality of water is intrinsically understood, leading to unity and peace for all.

We envision a world where the ocean is clean, where marine life is abundant and safe, and where the sanctity of the Sea is appreciated and protected.

A Message From The Founder:

Rabbi Ed Rosenthal


The Saying is:

"As goes the Ocean, so goes the Planet."


The Reality is:

The Ocean, as we know it, is dying!

I say this, not as an environmentalist (although I am one). 

I say this not as a marine scientist (although I wish I was one). 

I say this as a Jew.

I believe:

When Jews get involved in an issue, substantive change takes place.


Tikkun HaYam was created to raise awareness in the Jewish Community to the myriad threats facing the marine environment, and to the innumerable wonders of the Sea. What needs to happen now, is for Jews to get involved. 


With an environmentalist's approach to Tikkun Olam, I understand that we are partners with God in repairing the world, but if we don’t work NOW to Repair the Sea, the rest of the world doesn’t stand a chance. 

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