Reverse Tashlich FAQ

When is the 5th Annual Reverse Tashlich?

October 2nd, 2022. But, if you have a conflict with that date, please reach out so we can coordinate with you.

How did Reverse Tashlich begin?

On Rosh HaShanah, it is customary to symbolically cleanse ourselves by casting our "sins" into a body of water in a ritual called Tashlich. In 2016, Eckerd College Scubi Jew® (the college branch of Tikkun HaYam) questioned why, with humans dumping 6- 8 million tons of trash into the ocean every year, Jews were throwing more sins into the water. So the students decided to reverse the process and remove human "sins" during a cleanup of the waterfront on campus. Thus, Reverse Tashlich, the Jewish community waterfront cleanup, was born.

The first Reverse Tashlich hosted by Tikkun HaYam and Scubi Jew
The First Reverse Tashlich

I am having a difficult time finding a cleanup location. What should I do?

We recommend that you partner with a local organization for their Reverse Tashlich. For example, look for a local Keep America Beautiful chapter. Or, google "I woud like to host a cleanup [your town/your county]" to find local environmental organizations that can help. Or email our Director of Engagement and Expansion, Shayna (, for assistance.

Are you really offering $2,600 to the team that picks up the most trash?

Yes! Whichever team logs the most debris in the Marine Debris Tracker app will receive a $2,600 check from Tikkun HaYam.

How do I log debris?

Use the Marine Debris Tracker App. Check out our How To Video for more information.

Do you have a pre-Reverse Tashlich service?

Yes! It's in our Reverse Tashlich Community Leader Drive Folder. Register your community to gain access.

How much do you charge to host Reverse Tashlich?


Hillel Kharkov hosts Reverse Tashlich debris cleanup