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Reverse Tashlich FAQ

When is the 6th Annual Reverse Tashlich?

September 10, 2023. But, if you have a conflict with that date, please reach out so we can coordinate with you.

How did Reverse Tashlich begin?

On Rosh HaShanah, it is customary to symbolically cleanse ourselves by casting our "sins" into a body of water in a ritual called Tashlich. In 2016, Eckerd College Scubi Jew® (the college branch of Tikkun HaYam) questioned why, with humans dumping 6- 8 million tons of trash into the ocean every year, Jews were throwing more sins into the water. So the students decided to reverse the process and remove human "sins" during a cleanup of the waterfront on campus. Thus, Reverse Tashlich, the Jewish community waterfront cleanup, was born.

The first Reverse Tashlich hosted by Tikkun HaYam and Scubi Jew
The First Reverse Tashlich

I am having a difficult time finding a cleanup location. What should I do?

We recommend that you partner with a local organization for their Reverse Tashlich. Repair the Sea partners with Keep America Beautiful to offer collaboration with local affiliates when appropriate. If applicable, and marked on your registration form, we will connect you with a local affiliate. Or, google "I would like to host a cleanup [your town/your county]" to find local environmental organizations that can help. Or email our Director of Engagement and Expansion, Shayna (, for assistance.

How do I log debris?

Use the Marine Debris Tracker App. Check out our How To Video for more information.

Do you have a pre-Reverse Tashlich service?

Yes! It's in our Reverse Tashlich Resources page. Register your community to gain access.

How much do you charge to host Reverse Tashlich?


Hillel Kharkov hosts Reverse Tashlich debris cleanup

What if I do not see a community near me?

You can start your own! Register a local community, and we'll add you to our Official 6th Annual Reverse Tashlich map.

How many people do you need to make a team?

One! You can host a Reverse Tashlich on your own. But we have also had multiple communities join to have over 100 participants in a collaborative event. The choice is up to you!

What kinds of organizations can register a team?

Click to Expand



Jewish Community Center

Jewish Federation

Jewish Day School

Community Organization

Moishe House

Young Alumni Division

Jewish Fraternity

Jewish Sorority


Interfaith Organization



Group of Friends

The 4th Annual Reverse Tashlich

Do you offer swag?

Yes! Place an order on our website, or send us an email.

I want to host a picnic afterward. Is there sustainable flatware and cutlery I can use?

Great question! If you are a tax-exempt faith-based organization, you can join our Blue Green Initiative! We offer 100% biodegradable plates and silverware at a steeply discounted price.

I should provide water at the event, but I don't want to provide plastic water bottles. What should I do?

Plastic water bottles are a huge source of pollution. Nearly a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute around the world. Many of these bottles become part of the 18 billion pounds of plastic waste that enters the ocean annually from coastal regions. The pollution is so pertinent that we make mezuzot out of plastic water bottles to keep plastic pollution out of the environment.

In the spirit of the event, provide a water refill station - like a cooler/s with a spigot - and encourage people to bring their water bottles. (A humble plug, we sell water bottles as well)

What Makes Reverse Tashlich Jewish?

Bal Tashchit (“Do Not Destroy”) is a fundamental ethical principle in Judaism. It is based on the Mitzvah in Deuteronomy 20:19–20 which says it is forbidden to cut down fruit trees. The Talmud expanded the concept of Bal Tashchit to include all forms of senseless damage or waste.

It has become a central aspect of the ethical character of the Jewish people. Today, the destruction of the ocean and waterways of the world through pollution, single-use plastic products and simple carelessness represent a blatant violation of the ethical principle of Bal Tashchit.

What if I am not a part of the synagogue in my community?

You can still join a program near you. Searching for one on our official map. Or, you can register a new event!

Can Reverse Tashlich be an interfaith initiative?

Yes. Please let us know if you intend to host your Reverse Tashlich as an interfaith initiative.

Is Reverse Tashlich a good program for children and families?

Yes! We hear great reviews from families about Reverse Tashlich. Children can go on a Reverse Tashlich treasure hunt, and parents can supervise to ensure safety!

I have another question that was not answered here.

Wonderful. We are happy you are engaged! Email to ask. Thank you.


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