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We Are Giving $4,440 Away!

All registered 2022 Reverse Tashlich communities have the opportunity to win two prizes:

  • $2,600 for the community with the most points (more information below)

  • $1,800 for the community that collects and logs the most debris

We have created a list of points you can win when you host a Reverse Tashlich! Whatever community accumulates the most points will win $2,600!

Reverse Tashlich Point List
Download PDF • 53KB

The finer print:

  • We will provide links to upload your materials, review, and evaluations after the event.

  • In order to count as .5 points, a participant must be registered, have signed a waiver, and be present in the group photo (unless they opted out of photo permissions)

  • We are going to take your word if you tell us you led the Reverse Tashlich Service and gave the safety briefing (which will be in the Team Leader's email)

  • Yes, NBC stands for National Broadcasting Company! Please ensure videos have the name of the videographer so we can give proper credit when the company runs the story

  • In order for a social media post to count, it must have #reversetashlich, and tag Tikkun HaYam (@tikkunhayam on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, @Tikkun HaYam - Repair the Sea on Facebook). Please ensure the poster indicates what community they are a part of, either by writing, tagging, or hash tagging so we can give your community the proper points!

  • Extra Points - Don't have the most participants? Or the most debris? Pick up some extra points by catching our eye with something great!

The community that collects and logs the most debris will be awarded $1,800!

Data must be corroborated with a photo(s).

How do you log debris? There are two options:

1) Use the app - Watch the short video below, or follow the written instructions at the end of this post

2) Write it down - Download the data sheet, fill it out at the event, and then take a picture (or scan it) and send it to

Marine Debris Tracker Sheet.pdf
Download PDF • 4.59MB


Although the How-To video recommends splitting into teams of 2+ and logging as you go along, an alternative choice is collecting all the trash at the end of the event, and then sorting and logging the debris as a group (or a group of self-selected star participants).

Why is logging debris important?

8 million metric tons of debris are estimated to enter the ocean every year. Contributing to data paints a clearer picture of what the pollution problem looks like. Cleaning up is a mitzvah, and by taking this extra step to log debris we let the world know what trash we find - to support policies that prevent future pollution, and share what impact the Jewish community is making.

Together, we can create a bigger picture of marine debris and plastic pollution, generate scientific findings, inform policy, and inspire upstream design changes.

We understand that some communities have to postpone the event due to Hurricane Ian. We will still count rain date submissions!

We look forward to seeing your events. No matter what, we appreciate you joining our mission to Repair the Sea.

Any questions? Email for more information


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