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Please take this short survey to help us better understand our demographics and build our movement of Jewish Marine environmentalism. To thank you for your time, completing this survey will unlock a discount code for our store!

This information will remain private and will not be used for solicitation purposes

Where do you live?

Are you a... (Select all that apply)

Are you a college student?

How do you identify Jewishly?

If so, where?

Are you...

How old are you?

What is your major?

Are you interested in forming a Tikkun HaYam Chapter where you live?

How did you learn about Tikkun HaYam?


Please share your thoughts on how we can improve Tikkun HaYam and expand the network.

Thanks for submitting! Your coupon code [HAYAM] is for an 18$ Recycled Water Bottle Mezuzah

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