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Our Tikkun HaYam movement is multi-faceted and far reaching.

Learn about our education, action, and connection initiatives below.

The ocean is dying.  The life force of our planet is at risk from numerous threats. Yet, much of the general public is unaware of the extent to which our seas are at risk. Additionally, most Jews do not know that the Torah calls us to care for the ocean. At Tikkun HaYam, we strive to inspire every Jew to recognize and accept our responsibility to protect and repair the Sea. Our college programs present Jewish students with varied levels of knowledge on the issues plaguing the ocean, and turn them into marine stewards through mentoring, scuba certification, and program participation. Our community programs teach individuals and groups about the Jewish connection to the marine environment, and opportunities to Repair the Sea.


At Tikkun HaYam, we know that working together brings the best results. We actively connect funders to non-profit organizations and scientific research projects. We offer networking opportunities for college students interested in marine conservation and marine science, and point philanthropists towards organizations we believe in.
You can find our favorite marine conservation organizations in our Connect With Others page.
We believe that when Jews get involved in any issue, substantive change takes place.  We encourage you to sign up for our Reverse Tashlich program to connect with other Jews who want to Repair the Sea.
Together, we can make a difference. 


Dive Against Debris • Coral Restoration • Shark Awareness 
Reverse Tashlich • Plastic Upcycling • Conservation Education
Every action to repair the sea makes a difference. Tikkun HaYam provides opportunities for college students and community members to participate in hands on marine conservation initiatives. Whether it's Dive Against Debris with Project Aware, Beach Clean Ups, our Tikkun HaYam Mezuzah Project, or our annual "Reverse Tashlich" we find ways to take action against marine debris. In partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation, we offer trips to volunteer in the CRF coral nursery and plant corals on reefs in Key Largo. We also offer interactive trips with sharks and manatees to expose participants to endangered animals, and to learn about our responsibility as Jews to protect them. Find out how you can get involved here.



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